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A new political novel by Justin Podur

About The Demands of the Dead

When police killed his two best friends in a supposedly accidental shooting, detective Mark Brown left the force bitter and angry, abandoning a promising career and leaving his special skills to languish. A year later, the trail of one of the killers has Mark looking south, to Mexico, just as he receives a mysterious, anonymous, encrypted message over e-mail: The dead demand much more than vengeance. Drawn into the conflict zone by the connection to the deaths of his friends, Mark finds that he has to work on both sides to solve the case, in a place where any mistake could endanger lives – or reignite a war.

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Update on John and Tarek: Detention extended again

Sept 15/13, 3pm

After a brief meeting in Tora prison, where Canadians John Greyson and Tarek Loubani have been held for the past 30 days, the Cairo district prosecutor, Mohamed Heta, announced today that he would extend their detention period for a further 15 days.

Egyptian authorities have not provided any reason for the extension or for the ongoing detention of Greyson and Loubani. Greyson and Loubani were first arrested in the early evening of Friday, August 16th, when they approached Egyptian police officials to ask for directions in the Azbakiya district of Cairo.


Update on John and Tarek: No decision, no release

September 5, 11pm

Tarek and John had another visit from consulars and from our lawyers yesterday. We have heard more about how they are doing, which continues to be summarized as "good health and high spirits", although they have now been in for about three weeks, entirely at the prosecutor's discretion, and our own frustration and that of friends and supporters continues to grow.


Update on John and Tarek: Met with prosecutor, but no decision for a few days

August 30, 8:30am

This morning, the district prosecutor in Cairo met with our lawyers, staff from the Canadian Embassy, and John and Tarek. This was the meeting that had been set for Thursday.

The prosecutor said his own investigation was continuing and he was waiting for additional information, which he expects to come in another few days, before making his decision about whether Tarek and John would be released. Our lawyers will be checking in daily to see if the prosecutor has made his decision.

Tarek and John remain in high spirits.


Update: Prosecutor did not appear, no hearing today

Aug 29, 2013, 11am

After waiting the entire day outside the prison, and with curfew approaching, our lawyers had to leave as the prosecutor had not arrived by the end of the day. Tarek and John remain in prison. No word has come about rescheduling their appearance before the prosecutor. No other hearings took place, including for other prisoners who were up for their appearances before the prosecutor.


Update: Day 11 consular meeting

Aug 27, 5:20pm

From http://tarekandjohn.com/2013/08/27/day-11-update/

It’s Day 11, and today Tarek and John were able to meet with consular officials for a meeting. Their morale and health continues to be good, which is encouraging.

John & Tarek were also given updates about the international attention their case has received. They were very surprised and moved by all the incredible support that has poured in for them.


NYT on Tarek and John

Aug 25, 8:50am

The NYT mentioned Tarek and John's case in an article about the widening crackdown in Egypt

In general, for coverage about Tarek and John, support statements, and updates, please follow tarekandjohn.com. Here at podur.org, we will only be posting updates and statements from the point of view of the families. These will also be on tarekandjohn.com, but usually they will first be posted here.


Update: CBC interview with our lawyer

Aug 23, 8:15am

A representative from our law firm, Khaled El Shalakany, spoke with the CBC yesterday, summarizing Tarek and John's legal situation and the visit made to them yesterday at Tora prison.


We continue to press for their immediate release, and ask supporters and friends to continue to contact Canadian officials and Egyptian consulates and embassies.


Update: We have retained Egyptian counsel, and have some legal clarifications

12:30pm, August 21/13

We have hired Shalakany Law Office (www.shalakany.com) to represent Tarek and John. One of our lawyers, Adam Khaled El Shalakany, has agreed to speak to media on legal aspects of the case.

Our lawyers have confirmed for us that the Film Makers Syndicate has filed a complaint to the Public Prosecutor about the case of John and Tarek and are awaiting a reply.


Update: Replying to far-fetched allegations, calling for immediate release

1:30pm, Aug 20/13

Today a district prosecutor in Cairo sent a press release to domestic Egyptian media outlets referring to the detention for 15 days of nine foreigners -- 4 Irish, 2 Syrian, 1 Turkish, and 2 Canadian -- pending investigation into a wide-ranging list of allegations concerning events that took place at the al-Fateh mosque and the Azbakiya police station.


Detained Canadians’ Families Request Pressure Be Applied on Egyptian Government to Secure Their Immediate Release

August 19th, 2013
16:30am EST

For Immediate Release -

Egyptian authorities continue to detain two Canadians, Professor and Filmmaker, John Greyson, and Emergency Physician, Tarek Loubani, 4 days after their initial arrest.

The families of the two detained Canadians are calling on the Canadian Government to work towards their immediate release.



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