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A new political novel by Justin Podur

About The Demands of the Dead

When police killed his two best friends in a supposedly accidental shooting, detective Mark Brown left the force bitter and angry, abandoning a promising career and leaving his special skills to languish. A year later, the trail of one of the killers has Mark looking south, to Mexico, just as he receives a mysterious, anonymous, encrypted message over e-mail: The dead demand much more than vengeance. Drawn into the conflict zone by the connection to the deaths of his friends, Mark finds that he has to work on both sides to solve the case, in a place where any mistake could endanger lives – or reignite a war.

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Trailer for the new novel, The Demands of the Dead:

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Colombia's ELN, Mexico, and the Government

Colombia's second-largest guerrilla group, the ELN (Ejercito de la Liberacion Nacional, or Army of National Liberation) is talking to the government and to the Mexican government about a possible peace negotiation with the Mexican government as guarantor.

Carlos Castano not in Israel?

Israel's ambassador to Colombia, Yair Recanati, said that Castano that the embassy hadn't heard a word from him about him going to Israel, according to an interview with RCN Television (Colombia's big television network). This doesn't exactly mean that he's not in Israel, although the 'diplomatic sources' who told AFP that he was in Israel (from which the Ha'aretz and El Tiempo stories drew) were never named. It seems that those looking for a definitive location for this paramilitary warlord are destined for disappointment... for now...

Carlos Castano in Israel

Colombia's El Tiempo and Israel's Haaretz are reporting that Carlos Castano, the head of Colombia's paramilitaries, the drug trafficker, the mass murderer, has been smuggled into Israel after 'disappearing' about a month ago.

Two books if you're ready to give up

If you're ready to give up, these two books will not help you -- they might push you over the edge, actually. Still, I recommend them.

Aristide goes to South Africa

Just got Aristide's statement in the mail. He's leaving Jamaica to go to South Africa. It's actually a nice statement. Read it, read between the lines. And know that the battle for Haiti's future isn't over yet.

Statement by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide
May 30, 2004
Kingston, Jamaica


It's the new world water, and every drop counts

A reader sent me this article in the New Scientist. It is about a neglected aspect of the US/Israel war on the Palestinian population: the fact that it is a water war. I don't have the statistics with me (Vandana Shiva cites a few of them in her book, Water Wars), but Israeli per capita water use is vast compared to Palestinians. Israeli agriculturalists are allowed to dig wells several times deeper than Palestinians.

Repercussions of the 'bloodbath/massacre' in Saudi Arabia

First, I'm very pleased to note that it seems Tim Wise is blogging again, as well as UTS.

Today's hypocrisy. Looking at the headlines of various newspapers today I saw news of a 'massacre' and a 'bloodbath' in Saudi Arabia by Al Qaeda. It was a brutal hostage-taking operation that was done, and certainly it was both a massacre and a bloodbath. I didn't notice these media outlets calling what Israel did in Rafah a 'bloodbath' or what the US is doing in Najaf right now a 'massacre'.

Colombia: Cali building occupation ends

A couple days ago I blogged about the heroic union SINTRAEMCALI's attempts to stop the creeping privatization of the public utilities company in the city of Cali, Colombia. I noted that it was a high-risk maneuver, and they made a risk assessment yesterday after the National government responded with overwhelming repression and decided to call off the occupation. The assessment of the situation by Nathan Eisenstadt of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign in the UK is mixed:

Signals of Repression in Haiti

Just looking at the May 25, 2004 Haiti Human Rights report from Let Haiti Live. You can get a copy of the report by writing to haitihumanrights@yahoo.com.



Doing the rounds and checking Under the same sun I discovered that the authenticity of the story about Rumsfeld banning digital cameras ( which I got via the Newsinsider and which Under the same sun and Empire Notes got from me) has been questioned.



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